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Team Members

Need to reach someone who works at Woodland? You’ve come to the right place.

Becky Coté

Events & Database Director

bcote@whchurch.org 651-287-2096

Becky manages Cultivate Class details, helps pull off all-church events and keeps our database up and running. The best part of her job is helping people find connections outside of Sunday services. Becky has worked in every department at Woodland except the Worship Team.

Charley Swanson

Communications Pastor

cswanson@whchurch.org 651-287-3008

Charley helps get the word out about all things Woodland to our congregation, visitors and the wider community. He’s on the team that plans our weekend services, and helps guide the work that goes into our online, print and audio/video materials. He’s also quite a bit taller than he looks in his picture.

Dan Kent

Teaching & Online Engagement Pastor


At church, Dan spends his time developing sermons and classes with the Teaching Team. At home, Dan hangs out with Barbara, writes poetry or constructs hilarious jokes for Twitter.

Daniel Churchill

Emerging Generation Pastor

dchurchill@whchurch.org 651-287-2717

Daniel serves the youth and young adults of Woodland with music, teaching, creative experiences and dad jokes. The highlight of his role is connecting with young people and helping them explore tough questions. He can talk your ear off about the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.

Emily Hall

Emerging Generation Coordinator

ehall@whchurch.org 651-287-2714

Emily is the woman behind the curtain at Echo and you can catch her running from task to task keeping everything on schedule. She loves being able to see the Echo students grow into beautiful, intelligent, unique people. Emily is never short of Seinfeld references.

Emily Morrison

Communication Arts Director

emorrison@whchurch.org 651-287-2047

If it has to do with words, Emily’s probably involved. She tells stories for the blog, edits the website, answers your emails and writes scripts for our videos. Her favorite things include nailing the perfect sentence and going down research rabbit holes.

Erica Tetter

Early Childhood Coordinator

etetter@whchurch.org 651-287-2049

Erica manages toddlers and infants during Sunday services. Because she’s responsible for getting crafts ready, her weeks involve lots of crayons, glue and googly eyes. She loves spicy food.

Gary Beste

Facilities Assistant Manager & Welcome/Care/Food Shelf Leader

gbeste@whchurch.org 651-287-2704

Gary pops up everywhere as a member of the Facilities Team as well as a leader for The Corner Shelf, Mondays Together and the Welcome Team. He cares a lot about connecting with people who come to Woodland feeling lost, because that was his own story. Gary loves to spend time on the North Shore.

Greg Boyd

Senior Pastor

gregs-office@whchurch.org 651-487-0001

Greg is the primary teaching pastor and vision-caster for Woodland. Greg is also known for his love of yoga, running, drumming, dancing and going on long walks with Gracie, his pet Morkie.

Hannah Hiler

Graphic Designer

hhiler@whchurch.org 651-287-2077

Hannah is our jack-of-all trades designer. She’s got her fingers in many pies, including: branding, signage, website graphics, set designs and sermon animations. When she’s not designing, she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen and evangelizing the deliciousness of meatless meals.

Janice Rohling

Executive Pastor

jrohling@whchurch.org 651-287-2086

Janice looks at the big picture at Woodland and makes sure that our theology gets applied in each of the ministries. She’s a problem-solver and a strategist, and passionate about putting Woodland’s vision into momentum. Janice buys yarn in bulk and knits a new blanket every two weeks.

Jodi Cremers

Business Administrator

jcremers@whchurch.org 651-287-2043

Jodi does a little of everything: finances, business operations, HR, IT and office management. On any given day, she could be listening to theological discussions, reviewing legal documents, processing lumber purchase receipts or binding Echo student booklets. Jodi and her husband have “empty nest” jobs working in the Twins ticket office at Target Field.

Jon Ruday

Media & Technology Director

jruday@whchurch.org 651-287-2702

Jon oversees technology at the church including audio engineering, video production, stage lighting, computer network and computers. He is busiest on the weekends managing staff and volunteers, directing the livestream and keeping things running smoothly from the booth. Jon is passionate about his plant-based diet, drives an electric car and likes to hike and kayak.

Josh Bandy

Emerging Generation & Children's Media Specialist

jbandy@whchurch.org 651-287-3014

If you’re watching a Heroes Gate or Echo video, Josh most likely helped create it. He’s definitely not Patty the Penguin, no matter how many kids insist that he is. If you shout, “Do a flip!” he will do a backflip, unless he’s tired from doing too many on Sunday mornings.

Kara Banker

Emerging Generation Associate Pastor

kbanker@whchurch.org 651-287-2078

Kara leads the Catalyst and Adult Volunteer teams at Echo, as well as supporting Journey Groups and teaching on Wednesday nights on occasion. Along with loving Jesus and youth, she is a self-proclaimed nerd and thinks that one of the most magnificent places to see God’s glory is in the stars.

Karyn Carlson

Children's Creative Arts Specialist

kcarlson@whchurch.org 651-287-2069

Karyn produces weekly videos for ages 3-5, helps with family events, and can be seen in Story Fort each Sunday teaching 3-5 year old kiddos how they fit into God’s story. She loves using her imagination in everything she does—but when it comes down to it, she’s all about pens. Pens are her favorite.

Kevin Callaghan

Discipleship & Formation Pastor

kcallaghan@whchurch.org 651-287-2097

Kevin is passionate about heart-healing, spiritual formation and reaching out beyond Woodland’s doors with good news, compassion and justice initiatives. He does this through developing classes, directing our online discipleship school, and stewarding Sojourners, our missional-community network. He loves nerdy books on theology, psychology and early church history.

Kinsey Zafke

Food Shelf & Outreach Leader

kzafke@whchurch.org 651-287-2058

Kinsey is in charge of all things food-related at The Corner Shelf including orders, receiving and distribution. She is passionate about feeding people but as a self-declared “not great cook” loves that she gets to do it this way. Kinsey is a big Iron Man fan.

Laurie Preston

Missions & Ministry Support Coordinator

lpreston@whchurch.org 651-287-2066

Laurie is involved in many administrative tasks, but her main job is working with our missionaries and mission trip teams. She keeps in touch with all 17 supported missionaries. Laurie appreciates that her job has given her the flexibility to do what she loves best: spending time with her two kids and five grandkids.

Lesley Hegstrom

Staff Accountant & Care Director

lhegstrom@whchurch.org 651-287-2055

Lesley is the staff “bean counter” taking care of offering counts, the donor database and all accounting. For years, Lesley has also facilitated Woodland’s Healing Journey classes and loves to watch the Spirit at work transforming lives. Lesley is a big nature lover and she can’t watch a movie without also crocheting.

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"I have battled anxiety for years, searching for something to help me overcome fear. I believe that through your sermons, I have found truth and I am more convinced of the extravagant love of God than ever. I finally feel like I am on the journey out of the darkness."

– Amanda, from Nebraska