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Topic: Defense of Christian Faith

The Conspiracy Conspiracy

There are many theories out there stating that the formation of the Bible is a conspiracy by the early church to cover up other writings about Jesus. In this sermon, Greg conspires to show how those theories have their own problems and addresses some of the questions these theories raise. Read More 

The Bridezilla of Christ

The Church is the body and bride of Christ. And while Paul says that we are holy in Christ’s sight, we don’t always act like it. In this sermon, Greg talks about how difficult it is to hope in the Church, and how we can still strive to be the Bride of Christ. Read More 

[Church] Happens

Jesus’ Church has done a lot of bad things throughout history. Whether it was wars or various forms of torture, people have misused the idea of Church. In this sermon, Greg speaks about the different issues surrounding the Church’s history, and he submits a few ideas about how to deal with this type of crap happening. Read More 

Toppling the House of Cards

Questions can sometimes topple faith like a house of cards. In this sermon, we introduce the idea that following Jesus is the central aspect of faith. This frees us to question and critique different aspects of our faith, without losing that faith. Read More 

Jesus: Avatar or God?

Our American culture seems to have grown more open to spiritual things in recent history. In general this openness is good—but there is also the danger of losing the uniqueness of what we believe as Christians—that Jesus IS God and not merely one of many ways that God is expressed in the world. Read More 

Letters From A Skeptic

Have you ever wrestled with questions about Christianity or do you know someone who might be? During 4 nights in January-February 2009, Greg shared a defense of the Christian faith and hosted a Q&A based on his best-selling book Letters from a Skeptic. Week 1 Presentation – Video | Audio Week 1 Q&A – Video | Audio Week 2 Presentation … Read More 

Free for All Q&A Night

On October 14, 2008, Greg and Paul tackled every question thrown at them at our Free For All Q&A. Presentation Audio Q&A Audio

The Jesus Legend

During this beautiful Easter season, the most important question arises: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? The Christian faith and all its transformative power depends upon the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. Greg shared the top 5 arguments about believing in Jesus’ resurrection along with some responses. Read More 

The 77-Fulfillment Savior

Some people think that the genealogies of Jesus are outright boring. In reality, there is a wonderful truth communicated in those lines of names. The truth is that Jesus is not only the fulfillment of Israel’s hopes, but also the hopes for the entire human race. As Christians, we can live in that truth today! Read More 

Washed and Ready

Baptism is a crucial element of the Body of Christ, the church. It’s been a staple among Christians for literally thousands of years. In his third chapter, Luke makes implicit and explicit points that shed light on the Kingdom of God, including the significance of baptism. Luke’s writing shows him to be a good and serious historian. Like other historians of his time, he used the reigns of important rulers, like Caesar and Pilate, to let the audience know the time and date when he’s writing yet he chose to focus his perspective on God’s activities in human history, specifically the coming Messiah. Read More 

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