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Topic: Defense of Christian Faith

Free for All Q&A Night

On October 14, 2008, Greg and Paul tackled every question thrown at them at our Free For All Q&A. Presentation Audio Q&A Audio

The Jesus Legend

During this beautiful Easter season, the most important question arises: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? The Christian faith and all its transformative power depends upon the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. Greg shared the top 5 arguments about believing in Jesus’ resurrection along with some responses. Read More 

The 77-Fulfillment Savior

Some people think that the genealogies of Jesus are outright boring. In reality, there is a wonderful truth communicated in those lines of names. The truth is that Jesus is not only the fulfillment of Israel’s hopes, but also the hopes for the entire human race. As Christians, we can live in that truth today! Read More 

Washed and Ready

Baptism is a crucial element of the Body of Christ, the church. It’s been a staple among Christians for literally thousands of years. In his third chapter, Luke makes implicit and explicit points that shed light on the Kingdom of God, including the significance of baptism. Luke’s writing shows him to be a good and serious historian. Like other historians of his time, he used the reigns of important rulers, like Caesar and Pilate, to let the audience know the time and date when he’s writing yet he chose to focus his perspective on God’s activities in human history, specifically the coming Messiah. Read More 

New Insights or Same Old Nonsense?

Christ’s resurrection is miraculous! The claim that a human being rose from the dead, and is God, is very difficult to comprehend. We’re used to people dying and staying dead. Our culture is looking to new insights and reasons to disprove and disbelieve the validity of the Gospels and the resurrection of Jesus. However, the New Testament Gospels make the claim that Jesus is God, and that he indeed rose from the dead. In contrast to recent discoveries, like the Gospel of Judas, the New Testament Gospels have been proven historically accurate, and have withstood the test of time. Even with all of the historical evidence, we still, by faith, have to make a choice to believe. We can either believe that Christ was a liar or a crazy person, or we can believe that Jesus is God and that he indeed rose from the dead. Read More 

The Lord’s Messiah

According to the Old Testament and Jewish tradition, the Messiah would be anointed to be three things: 1) a priest (mediating God-Israel relation) 2) a warrior (liberating Israel from oppressive powers) 3) a king (ruling Israel in truth and justice). These were the expectations of the first century Jews. Jesus came and fulfilled these expectations but did so in an unexpected way. He was and is all these things, but in a way much different, and far deeper, than Jews at the time understood. He “over-fulfilled” the expectations. Read More 


Jesus for Thinking People, Part 3

In the last two weeks Greg spent time showing the flaws in the “conspiracy theory” and the “legendary theory.” This week he addressed another theory that secular scholars offer to answer the question: “What happened to produce the Gospel accounts?” The resurrection could have been a hallucination. Greg had five responses to counter this theory.


Jesus for Thinking People, Part 2

In this message, Greg explains the “Legendary Theory.” This theory maintains that though the authors of Luke weren’t consciously lying and trying to deceive people (they genuinely believed what they where saying), they were just wrong about essential things like Jesus’ being both the messiah and God! They were not trying to deceive, but they themselves were deceived, according to … Read More 


Jesus for Thinking People, Part 1

Greg introduced the Book of Luke by first providing some context for the Gospel. Then he launched into a big question that occurs to many who read the Bible in general: “Is this true?” In other words, is the Gospel about Jesus that Luke researched and presents true? And to get at this he broke it down as follows: either … Read More 


Happily Ever After

This sermon challenged us to think about how our “story” ends. We long for justice, meaning, “happy ever afters.” As Christians, our story is found in Jesus, the reality to which all great mythology and story telling points. Compare your relationship with Christ to the greatest love stories ever told, and you won’t find a more dramatic, sacrificial story…and it ends with a big “happy ever after”! Read More 

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"We just started attending last summer and we love it! This past weekend the music was so beautiful, I felt the Holy Spirit there and wept the entire time. And then the message on relationships spoke right to my own struggles. God is here."

– Nicole