In addition to sermon audio and video files, many of our sermons have other resources available, like Focus Scripture, Extended Summary, Sermon Homework and more. Our archive dates back to 1992 and all resources are free to download and distribute. Most sermons are by our Senior Pastor, Greg Boyd.

Below are our most recent sermons. You may also check out our archive using the links at the above left.

Revolting Beauty08/13/17

  • Speaker – Greg Boyd
  • Topics – Controversial Issues, Identity in Christ, Transformation
  • One of the core convictions of Woodland Hills is that God is indiscriminately loving and opposed to all violence. But many Christians since the 4th century have not wanted this to be true. It's more comfortable for us to hate our enemies and be justified in doing so. So some Christians have gone to great lengths to argue that Jesus was not actually opposed to violence. Debunking these arguments is what Greg focused on during this 'Turning the Tables' message.

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  • Speaker – David Morrow
  • Topics – Judgment, Love, Non-Violence
  • It is common to hear objections about the differences between the God of the Old Testament and Jesus in the New, but what about the views some hold that Jesus wasn’t actually non-violent? How do we handle the Scriptures that seem to imply He engaged in occasional violent acts? In this second message in our series, Turning the Tables, David Morrow shows how Jesus cursing a fig tree had nothing to do with violence, and everything to do with liberation from that which enslaves His people, both individually and collectively. 

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Temple Tantrum07/30/17

  • Speaker – Greg Boyd
  • Topics – Non-Violence, Spiritual Warfare, Conflict, Peace
  • In our new Turning Over Tables series, we examine how central Jesus (as well as other new testament authors) placed our call to non-violence. In fact at one point in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus pre-conditions being considered a child of God to our love toward enemies and refusal to return evil for evil. Many throughout history have tried to twist scripture to fit certain personal or other non-Kingdom nationalistic agendas, but Jesus’ call to us is that His Kingdom is not of this world. What makes His followers distinct is our refusal to engage in violence no matter the “just” circumstance.

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Redeeming the Past07/23/17

  • Speaker – Greg Boyd
  • Topics – Healing, Hope, Transformation
  • In this final sermon in our Moving Pictures series, Greg looks at how the past can be redeemed and give way to a healing future. All people carry wounds and brokenness from their past and many of us continue to live those hurts in the present. Greg examines how through the love of Christ all people’s pasts can be transformed and integrated into God’s great story of redemption. 

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The Force Awakens07/16/17

  • Speaker – Shawna Boren
  • Topics – Faith, Fear, Identity in Christ, Calling
  • Each of us is unique. We each have our own story, our own calling, and our own distinct set of giftings, talents, and experiences that shape our uniqueness. However, many of us are stuck living in stories of all the reasons we are disqualified from having a life of purpose and impact in the kingdom. Shawna uses the unlikely heroes of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' to remind us that God can nullify any of the objections our minds present that keeps us from living out our identity in Christ.

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Our Heavenly Wedding07/09/17

  • Speaker – Greg Boyd
  • Topics – Baptism, Marriage, Repentance
  • Later this month Woodland Hills will be doing our annual baptism ceremony at Lake Phalen, and so in light of that Greg used this week's sermon to talk about baptism and contrasting it with the magical way of thinking about it that we see in the movie 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou'.

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Hidden Figures07/02/17

  • Speaker – Nikole Mitchell
  • Topics – Reconciliation, Relationships, Peace
  • God’s Kingdom is breaking in upon this world in beautiful ways. Yet, many of us have a difficult time feeling on the inside of this movement, many of us struggle with feeling as though we are outsiders. In this message, Nikole Mitchell shows us through the movie “Hidden Figures” a central piece of the Gospel message that often gets neglected – that God has destroyed every wall that divides us as humans… He has taken every outsider, and made us insiders.

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