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Recent Sermons

In addition to sermon audio and video files, many of our sermons have other resources available like extended summaries and study guides. Our archive dates back to 1992 and all resources are free to download and distribute. Most sermons are by our Senior Pastor, Greg Boyd.

Love in Four Dimensions

• Greg Boyd, Rob Kistler, Shawna Boren

The vision of Woodland Hills is “Learning to Love Together.” This is practiced in four dimensions: loving God, loving ourselves, loving other people and loving creation.

Topics: Love

As Humans Go, So Goes the Earth

• Greg Boyd

There is a direct, organic connection between how humans live in love and the well-being of creation. The calamity experienced at the hands of the environment is a natural result of human failure to care for it as God intended.

Topics: Judgment, Love

The “Wrath of God”

• Greg Boyd

What does it mean to trust God as the ultimate judge? This is an important question if we are going to live in love and forego judgment of others.

Topics: Judgment, Love

Summer Q&A 2022

• Greg Boyd, Paul Eddy

As part of our Summer Get-Together, on Friday, August 12 we hosted a free-for-all Q&A!

Flowers for Footprints

• Emily Morrison

John’s first letter tells us that we are God’s children and that the world is controlled by the evil one. But even more, it tells us how to know Jesus in the midst of this evil so that we might have resurrection life.

Topics: Love, Spiritual Warfare

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"I am a podrishioner that just wanted to say thanks for sharing Woodland Hills through podcasts and videos. This is my place to get a spiritual refill, and it’s where I get most of my teaching from. Since I've starting following you four years ago, my view on God, myself and other people has radically been changed. Thanks so much, and keep sharing the Kingdom!"

– Knut-Inge, from Norway