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Learn-a-thon 2023

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If you’re looking for the 2024 Learn-a-thon, go here!

We did it! We surpassed our goal of 500 with a total of 677 learning hours!

The movement toward justice, reconciliation and peace is slow, and the struggle can feel daunting. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew this, and he knew that it was impossible to carry on without hope. So he spoke about hope, and then he acted on that hope. The hope that sustained the civil rights movement was not a waiting-around kind of hope. Instead, it was a fearless hope, a rigorous hope, a persevering hope. This kind of hope enables us to carry on in struggle for as long as it takes.

As we head into our third annual Learn-a-thon, we encourage you to use our collection of resources to build your hope. Learn from the hope of the past, engage with the hope of the present, and carry that hope into future action.

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"Your gift of the website to those of us who are unable to attend is greatly appreciated. I am disabled and home-bound now. Having your website available to me has been such a blessing."

– Renae