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Lectio Divina: “You Before Me” Homework

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During our You Before Me sermon series we’re encouraging a weekly practice of Lectio Divina. This way of reading the Bible is over 1,500 years old and means “divine reading.” It’s a simple way of slowing down enough to interact with a specific scripture passage while asking the Holy Spirit to use the reading to speak to your heart.

In the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, readers are encouraged to read the same passage on a daily basis and listen to it again and again. This allows you to reflect deeply on one passage. Use the same four questions with the same verse every day. This approach to listening to God may be new to you. If so, great! This opportunity may open new doors in your relationship with God. Enter in and see what might change in your life.

Weekly Scriptures

  • Week 1: John 1:1-2, 14
  • Week 2: 1 Peter 2:4-5
  • Week 3: Romans 12:10-13
  • Week 4: Isaiah 58:7
  • Week 5: 1 Peter 4:8-9
  • Week 6: Luke 14:12-14
Question 1

Read the passage.  What stands out to you? The first question leads you to read the text again and see what it says to you.

Question 2

Reflect on this point. What comes to mind as you reflect on the passage? The second will require a little more time so you can meditate and ponder what you are seeing in the passage.

Question 3

Pray the point. Turn any insight you have into a prayer. In response to the third question, think of a way to pray the Scripture, asking the Lord to do in you what you are seeing in the passage.

Question 4

Wait. What do you sense God speaking to you? The last question is meant to encourage you to take a couple of minutes to simply listen to the Spirit and see what God might be saying to you.

No Right Answers

Many people find it helpful to write down their responses to these questions. The point is to reflect and listen. You are not looking for a “right” answer. These questions are meant to help you connect to God and listen to what the Spirit might be saying to you.


We want to know how the You Before Me series is helping you practice Kingdom hospitality. Use the #whyoubeforeme hashtag and share your journey with us! We’re checking Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and every weekend during our services we’ll highlight posts that use the hashtag.

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