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SEM: In Person at Last!

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This weekend, SEM students (School of Everyday Mission) left their Zoom screens, and traveled to Woodland from around the world (London, La Paz, Hong Kong), from around the States (Texas, Colorado, Illinois) and from around the Twin Cities!

It was a weekend of worship, learning and connection. Taking advantage of being in person, students figured out how many of them could squeeze in an elevator, and found their way out of an escape room (well, most of the them anyway).

We love seeing the Kingdom vision taking root in these students’ hearts!

You can learn more about the SEM program here.

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"We just started attending last summer and we love it! This past weekend the music was so beautiful, I felt the Holy Spirit there and wept the entire time. And then the message on relationships spoke right to my own struggles. God is here."

– Nicole