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God, Sex and Family

• Greg Boyd, Lambers Fisher, Paul Eddy

Please note that this message has some “PG-13” content that may not be suitable for kids.

This panel discussion serves as a wrap-up to the series on sex, marriage and singleness, as the panelists address practical issues around these topics.

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In this panel discussion, Greg Boyd, Lambers Fisher, and Paul Eddy address specific practical issues related to sex, marriage and singleness. Some of the questions they address include:

  • How did we get to the place where the culture looks down upon singleness?
  • Why is the biblical teaching about sex within marriage a transcultural principle, not a culturally-specific accommodation?
  • What is “purity culture” and what are the drawbacks of this teaching?
  • What are the advantages and the challenges to the modern approach to dating?

In their answers, the panelists seek to provide biblical insight and direction so that people might see God’s radical perspective and move into walking it out in their lives.

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Topics: Love, Marriage, Sexuality

Sermon Series: Sermon on the Mount, Change of Heart

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2 thoughts on “God, Sex and Family

  1. Kevin says:

    Which word starts with M and ends in N? hint: it’s not Mn state abbreviation 🙂

    No one really talked about celibacy, per se. Greg had one remark about a ‘con of being single’ is that you don’t get to have sex but no one really elaborated. Greg, it kinda seems, offers the big M as an outlet or consolation prize, so to speak, for singles. To me, being single goes hand in hand with celibacy, yeah? If it’s true that we are to die to the flesh or die to our corrupted fallen base nature, can’t we die to the strong desire for sexual orgasm? It would be, to me, no different than giving up, say, cocaine.
    Don’t we Kingdom-minded Jesus people have enough Spirit Power to enable us to be celibate if we choose?

    1. Kevin says:

      Yes! We can!

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