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Change of Heart

Mar 07 2021 • Greg Boyd, Guest Panelists, Tara Beth Leach

When we think about sin, we tend to think about our behavior, but Jesus sets the bar much higher. He says that in God’s Kingdom, we no longer follow the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law, and this must come from our hearts. In this series we look at how Jesus calls for a complete and total change of heart.

Sermons in this series:

God, Sex and Family

• Greg Boyd, Lambers Fisher, Paul Eddy

Please note that this message has some "PG-13" content that may not be suitable for kids. This panel discussion serves as a wrap-up to the series on sex, marriage and singleness, as the panelists address practical issues around these topics.

Topics: Love, Marriage, Sexuality

Reality Over Legalities

• Greg Boyd

Jesus’ words about divorce appears to provide a technical reason for justifying the breaking of the marriage covenant. Is this what this passage really means, or is there something more significant that Jesus was saying? This sermon provides an unexpected answer to this question.

Topics: Divorce, Love, Marriage

The Myth of Romantic Love

• Emily Morrison, Greg Boyd

In this sermon, Greg challenges the modern myth of romantic love, providing three reasons why it derails us from entering into a biblical view of marriage. Also, Emily Morrison provides a reframe for understanding how singleness plays a part in God’s family.

Topics: Community, Family, Marriage

The Way of the Beloved Community

• Osheta Moore

In this section of Scripture we're in, Jesus explains the difference between what people of his day assumed the Old Testament law meant and what it really means. He's making clear the underlying spirit of the law, as opposed to the literal interpretation that focuses on the letter of the law. This points to a “third way” pattern of living out the Kingdom of God that manifests the true meaning of God’s law.

Topics: Covenant, Faithfulness, Relationships

The Bottom Reframe

• Greg Boyd

This two-part sermon provides an update on the state of what God has been doing in Woodland Hills Church,  followed by an exploration of Jesus’ teaching on the imagination and its relationship to adultery.

Topics: Hypocrisy, Relationships, Sexuality

Imaginative Sex

• Cedrick Baker, Greg Boyd

First, Cedrick Baker provides a reflection on his thoughts after seeing the verdict of Derek Chauvin, along with more killings of black individuals at the hands of law enforcement. This was followed by a teaching from Greg on Jesus’ challenge to common views of adultery.

Topics: Sexuality, Temptation

Living in High Definition

• Dan Kent

If we want to experience change in our life habits that are unhealthy and sinful, we need to learn to embrace the practice of confession. This sermon gives a clear path for entering into this little-adopted habit of the Christian faith.

Topics: Discipleship, Healing, Relationships

Radically Righteous

• Tara Beth Leach

In this sermon, Tara Beth Leach provides insight into Jesus’ practical teaching regarding what it means to live in righteousness and reconciliation with others.

Topics: Discipleship, Peace

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