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MLK Discussion Panel

• Cedrick Baker, Delon Smith, Greg Boyd, Shawna Boren

This week, panelists address questions submitted about issues around race and God’s Kingdom.

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The panelists include Greg Boyd, Shawna Boren, Delon Smith and Cedrick Baker. The questions that they address include the following:

  • How should I engage in conversation about race with Christian friends without making it about politics?
  • What lessons should we take from Dr. King in addressing the power of white supremacy in our midst? What should we do similarly or what should we do differently?
  • As a white person, how do I address this issue without falling into the trap of guilt?
  • With all the negative things happening about race today, what can provide us with any optimism for the future?

The goal is to facilitate conversations so that we can all learn to listen to each other and grow together as we seek to understand the racial issues that divide us.

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Topics: Non-Violence, Reconciliation

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