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Twisted Scripture: Season 2

May 30 2015 • Greg Boyd, Seth McCoy, Shawna Boren

Throughout history, well-meaning people have taken some of the trickiest passages of the Bible and tried to make sense of them. However, in the process scripture has sometimes gotten twisted from its original meaning and become disconnected from the larger story of the Kingdom of God. This summer, we’ll once again look at some of those Bible passages and try to straighten things out.

Sermons in this series:

Twisted Scripture: Genesis 6:1-7

• Greg Boyd

Greg Boyd finishes our Twisted Scripture series by delving into the passage in Genesis 6:1-7 on the issue of the Nephilim. This controversial passage deals with the creation of hybrid beings, the Nephilim, that are the offspring of fallen angels and daughters of humans. This passage has led to many distracting theories and conspiracies that have served to move us away from the tasks of the Kingdom of God. Our job, as Kingdom people, is to stay vigilant to all the ways the principalities and powers of this fallen world are constantly trying to spiritual engineer the Kingdom and our identity in Christ out of this world. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus and be careful of this temptation to slowly lose our Kingdom calling.

Topics: Controversial Issues, Identity in Christ, Temptation

Twisted Scripture: Matthew 6:14-15

• Brianna Millett

Today Brianna explores the concept of forgiveness that is so central to the Kingdom. Is it a condition of God's forgiveness of us? Or is his forgiveness unconditional no matter what? And if his love is unconditional, does that mean it doesn't matter whether we forgive others or not?

Topics: Forgiveness, Relationships, Salvation

Twisted Scripture: Psalm 78:1-7

• Seth McCoy

The Kingdom of God grows through witness and repentance, not by childbirth. The direction of people’s journeys through life hinges on whether or not someone is willing to tell them about what God has done. Are you telling others what God has done in your life?

Topics: Community, Evangelism, Faith

Twisted Scripture: Joshua 14:9

• Greg Boyd

Most evangelicals believe that God said the nation of Israel will exist forever, therefore its national and political boundaries must be fully restored before Jesus returns. But what if the “Israel” that the Bible refers to in this context is not a specific nation with geographical boundaries, but all who are the people of God?

Topics: Controversial Issues, Nationalism, Politics

Twisted Scripture: Acts 2:37-38

• Greg Boyd

In this continuation of the Twisted Scripture series, Greg explores the various differences in opinion about baptism, and clarifies where WHC falls in this spectrum.

Topics: Baptism

Twisted Scripture: Proverbs

• Shawna Boren

In part two of the Twisted Scripture series, Shawna explores the uses and misuses of a couple common Old Testament Proverbs. Often times in the Christian culture of the 21st century we see the book of Proverbs as a collection of nice sayings or one liners to guide our day. When we oversimplify the Proverbs they can often times come across very formulaic. We miss the cultural context they were written in and the oral tradition of wisdom they were meant to pass down to the next generation.

Topics: Free Will, Kingdom of God

Twisted Scripture: Matthew 7:7

• Seth McCoy

Seth McCoy begins our Twisted Scripture series by discussing the topic of prayer by focusing on Matthew 7:7-11. This passage has a tendency to be misrepresented by our own cultural contexts that can distort the language of this passage into an individualistic prosperity gospel. It was argued that the ultimate goal of prayer is to ask, seek and knock in order to find the beauty of a life lived in submission to God and for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God.

Topics: Discipleship, Kingdom of God, Prayer


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