Sermons & Media

If it got recorded, we want to share it. All of the resources we post to our site are available to download for free.


We record our weekly sermons and catalog the audio and video files. Our archives also contain discussion questions for groups, scripture passages and summaries of the messages.

Sermon Topics

Looking for a sermon on a specific theme ? Try viewing sermons by topic.

Sermon Series

At least a couple times each year we do sermon series on various topics, and many include study guides for groups or individuals to use. You can download all of it for free.

Sermon Transcriptions

Thanks to the work of several volunteers, we have growing collection of sermon transcriptions.

Sermon Podcasts

If you enjoy listening to our sermons each week, you can subscribe to one of our podcasts so that audio or video files are automatically saved to your computer.

Ways to get Sermons

In addition to downloading files or subscribing to our podcast, there are several other ways to access our sermons and media:

Other Media

If it’s not a sermon but it got recorded, it will probably show up here.

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