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Recent Sermons

In addition to sermon audio and video files, many of our sermons have other resources available like extended summaries and study guides. Our archive dates back to 1992 and all resources are free to download and distribute. Most sermons are by our Senior Pastor, Greg Boyd.

Revival Time

• Greg Boyd

This sermon applies the instruction to “hear” what the Spirit said to the seven churches from Revelation by offering a letter to our church today. Specifically, it is a call to revival, to enter into a new space of renewal so that we might wake up to the work of the Spirit in and around us.

Topics: Repentance, Transformation

Preparing for the Time of Testing

• Greg Boyd

In the last letter to the seven churches, Jesus speaks of the endurance of the Philadelphians. They endure in times of trial and Jesus promises to keep them so that they might overcome and remain faithful. In this sermon, Greg challenges us to remain faithful in the midst of trials so that we might live in love, even when we face resistance.

Topics: Faithfulness, Love, Temptation

Redeeming Creation

• Greg Boyd

Jesus rose on that first Easter Sunday in his physical body. He was not a disembodied ghost. This demonstrates that the resurrection is not merely about the salvation of our souls. It’s about bringing all things into wholeness: the physical experience of our bodies, other creatures and the entire world. In this sermon, Greg calls us into this radical vision of God’s comprehensive salvation.

Topics: Resurrection, Salvation, Transformation

Seven Candles

• Shawna Boren

On this Good Friday, we held a reflective, experiential service titled Seven Candles, in order to fit with the theme of the service. We don’t have a written summary, study guide or audio file for this service. Instead, we hope you’ll take the time to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus, as well as partake in the experience of the service as you’re able. You can watch/listen via the YouTube video. You can find this year’s Easter service (along with a summary, study guide and audio) here.

Topics: Hope, Sacrifice

The Problem With Palm Sunday

• Dan Kent

This sermon narrates how Jesus was proclaimed as the Jewish Messiah by the people as they laid palm leaves as he entered Jerusalem. This is contrasted with their condemnation of Jesus to death, and it asks why they made this radical shift. Why did they adore him on Sunday and seek his crucifixion within the same week? These insights will open our eyes to what Jesus was doing, and what he is now doing in our world.

Topics: Faith, Non-Violence, Power

Big Reputation

• Shawna Boren

In this sermon, Shawna Boren explores the letter to the church at Sardis. This letter has a direct and somewhat harsh challenge given to a complacent and overly-confident church. These words are a warning to wake up and see reality for what it is so that we might more fully invest our lives in what really matters.

Topics: Calling, Repentance, Sin

The Problem with Jezebel

• Jeremy Duncan

In this sermon, Jeremy Duncan, author of the book on Revelation entitled Upside Down Apocalypse, introduces Jesus’ words to the church at Thyatira. He unpacks the meaning of the violent and troubling imagery that we read, and he shows us how these words are meant to wake us up to the ways of the culture that undermine real life that only Christ can give us.

Topics: Love, Non-Violence, Power

The Illusion of Self-Sufficiency

• Cedrick Baker

To the church of Laodicea, Jesus spoke harsh words of confrontation because they depended on wealth for their well-being, living under the illusion of self-sufficiency. In our modern world the pursuit of financial gain is a common illusory trap, one that tell us that it will serve as a foundation for our lives, but, in reality, it cannot be trusted. Only God can be the source of true life.

Topics: Generosity, Money

Sui Generis

• Greg Boyd

Sui Generis is Latin for being of its own genre or unlike anything or anyone else. Each of us has a deep desire to feel special in relation to our Creator and this is the kind of relationship that God wants with each of us.

Topics: Identity in Christ, Prayer, Presence of God

Spirit of Us

• Greg Boyd

This sermon addresses how crowds who are formed around evil agendas serve as seedbeds for Satan. This has been seen throughout history where one crowd sets itself up as possessing the solution at the expense of others. It is based on an “us” vs. “them” mentality. The modern malaise of polarization continues this tactic of the enemy, and as Kingdom people, we must recognize it for what it is and rise above it.

Topics: Conflict, Politics, Spiritual Warfare

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"I was incredibly blessed by everyone who came out to the clean-up event to serve neighborhood seniors. It literally brought me to tears knowing that there are amazing people out there restoring my hope in what it means to love and serve each other."

– Merrick Community Services staff member